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SoulCycle and Get Fit While Finding Yourself

Have you ever jumped on your pedal bike and ridden through the park just feeling the wind blow through your hair, your legs pumping to the music in your mind – or maybe playing through your earbuds? You don’t even feel the pull of your leg muscles as they turn the pedals around and around. You are in a zone. Wow! It’s almost like “magical, mystical ride!”

Now, think about doing this in a candlelit studio to the beat of energetic music thumping through the speakers. You ride along with a group, listen to your instructors who urge you on to the finish line. You are doing yoga moves, pumping exercises, and dancing while riding your stationary bike.

What’s going on you say? It’s a new exercise craze called SoulCycle. Hurry on over to the studio for a 45-minute indoor cycling class that uses high-intensity cardio, strength training, and a bit of choreography to whip you into shape.

Jump on a stationary bike and work out to music almost trance-inducing. You are so engaged in your mind you don’t realize you are exercising along with a roomful of zombie-like companions physically working themselves into a frenzy. Indoor cycling will never be the same.

Just Exactly What is SoulCycle?

It’s not all that hard to understand. SoulCycle is a 45-minute bicycling routing, upper body exercise done to the beat of the high-energy music in a candlelit room. There are over 46 studios across the country, and more are opening up every day.

These boutique cycling studios are turning their cycling workouts into a full body sculpting program. You are riding a bike and using yoga lifting for toning. Light weights of 1 to 2 lbs. are available for high reps drills while your legs are peddling.

How about another popular SoulCycle class called “Bands?” Riders grip resistance bands attached to a sliding rack above their bikes. These are excellent for toning arms, back, chest and abs while you pedal.

There is no age, gender, or physical limits. You can ride as much as your body and mind will take. There is no boundary to how much you can ride in a candlelit room pumping with adrenaline, music, and sweat. It’s not the same as riding a stationary bike in a gym, oh no, this is a workout with a coach and a roomful of friends. Listen to your coach as she/he throws out cues and choreography as quick as you can pedal. You all move with the music as if you were practicing a new form of line dancing.

Feel the beat, listen to the cues and joining in the cardio party. You now have a new way to definitely have fun and exercise. It is worth every penny you that you pay. Oh, and another great perk? You need the proper clothing to SoulCycle. Wearing trendy exercise gear is almost worth the price of admission, and what lady doesn’t want to wear new exercise wear?

Don’t worry that everyone is watching you. Act as crazy as you want on your bike. Exercise and ride to your heart’s content. No one is watching. The room is dark, the music empowering, and the only lights are flickering candles.

SoulCycle is making expansion plans to open up at least 250 new studios across America and Canada. At $28-$34 per person per class that’s a lot a potential riches. The price is absolutely worth the experience.

Will it work? The “makers” of SoulCycle are counting on Millennials, Baby Boomers (as much as they can) and the next generation to promote this awesome exercise craze. Get pumped up and combine the emotional benefit of exercise with class participation. You are rising your cardio work out to a new level – one that touches your soul.

Don’t think this is training to ride a marathon. You are joining your friends and experiencing just pure fun and exercise on a bike. It’s blending your body and soul, but most of all you are experiencing what’s it’s like to be a part of something – even if it’s only acting crazy on a stationary bike (in a dark room and with pounding music.) I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


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