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New Year’s Resolution 2019:  Empowerment & Vision Boards

The start of a new year inspires us to make resolutions for change and self-improvement, for moving differently in a positive aspect, achieving goals that we set for ourselves and fulfilling our ambitions. Many of us will fall off the resolution train considering that, life  always seems to gets in the way, forcing our priorities change; lets vow to ourselves that it’s not going to happen this year!

How about, this year, committing to something positive for yourself and the community. Pick a goal that’s concrete, something that is specifically for you and the empowerment of others. Take a few days before the start of the New Year and write down what exactly you want to accomplish, even see a change in! Be the voice, a breath of fresh air that someone needs. But how do you accomplish this?...It’s easier said than done you know.  

Vision Boards are a powerful way to visualize everything you want to do, be and accomplish during the New Year. Holding ourselves accountable is one task that most of us face in our day-to-day lives. Your New Year’s Resolution Board serves as a daily reminder of your goals, having a physical reminder in your face every day just might be that kick in the…you know what… that you need.  Cut out pictures from a favorite magazine, pictures found online, inspirational quotes, or phrases that remind you of your goals. Paste them on to a poster board, and on the back write down what each item represents. This way you will be able to go back and mark of what you have accomplished throughout the year. 

 Let us not forget in order to be a part of the change, we have to make sure that we are physically up to the task. One of the best ways is to practice Yoga, which helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits. Not only do poses such as the downward dog create a relaxed and stress free environment, there are studies that show increase in brain function. A short, 20-minute yoga session just may be what the doctor ordered to improve focus.

 Try some of these poses to increase self-confidence and self-love.

Consider the Warrior Pose:

Standing poses demand movement from every single part of the human body. Think of it this way, how does life work without a steady foundation, you will never be able to reach your full potential, and maximum on what life has for you. Consider the Warrior Pose to create a solid foundation to build on. Start with a solid foundation this year!

Consider the Backbends/ Wheel Pose:

Backbends are known for opening the chest area, expanding your heart and lungs bringing you peace within your center core. This will bring a joyful vitality into your life, which will eventually spill over in all other aspects of your life, and even better your personal relationships. Do we smell love in the air?  

Consider the Mountain / Balance Pose:

 Balance poses highlight exactly where you are in your state of mind. It is very hard to try to stay in a still pose with your mind racing. How can you concentrate when your mind is all over the place? Balance poses will provide you with the opportunity to develop a sense of poise, clarity, creating a calm and steadying of the mind.

 It is never too late to follow your dreams and live the life you love, Your Best Life. You and only you can give yourself permission and the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone accomplish things that you would never even imagine.

 Now go out and embrace the new sexy, confident and empowered YOU GO OUT THERE AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!!!!

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